Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet

Our Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is a very similar design to our standard evacuation sheet. The sheet can be left permanently on the mattress by way of the large pockets to accommodate most depths of mattresses due to the discreet elasticated corners.

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Air Mattress Fire Evacuation Sheet (red) AEVS


The Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is fitted under an alternating air mattress on a permanent basis so it is there whenever an emergency may arise. In the event that an evacuation of the building takes place, the sheet enables the whole mattress to be turned into an evacuation sledge.

The Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet is similar to the Evacuation Sheet but instead of a general anti-pressure mattress, it is designed to be used with an alternating air mattress. The air mattress evacuation sheet has eight different outlets to ensure the correct tubing can still be connected to the mattress.

The evacuation sheet is attached to the underneath of the mattress and can remain there at all times, ensuring it is ready for immediate use in the event of an emergency. Large pockets with elasticated corners ensure the evacuation sheet fits most depths of mattress.

In the event of an emergency, the sheet turns the entire mattress into an evacuation sledge. The following features ensure the patient's safety when in use:

  • Securing straps to hold the patient in place
  • An elongated foot pocket to hold the user's feet in place.
  • You need two people to operate the device.
  • In order to safely clean your Evacuation Sheet, either machine wash at a temperature not exceeding 60°C or simply wash down with anti-bacterial wipes.
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