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Alerta Pearl Overlay System (Low/Medium Risk)

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Alerta Pearl – a budget overlay alternating pressure relieving mattress system with 5" air cells for effective prevention and treatment of patients at medium risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments. Alerta Pearl has been designed to give care providers the essentials for pressure care and the pump is an entry level pump.

With simple to use settings and functionality, the Alerta Pearl enables the care provider to quickly set up the mattress system and have it operating at optimal pressure for a specific user with ease.

The Alerta Pearl has been manufactured to comply with the most stringent quality and in-use guidelines.


  • Nylon TPU coated cells
  • Independently removable cells
  • Covert sealed air cells
  • Micro-perforated cells
  • Branded cells
  • Pillow function
  • CPR release
  • 360 degree zipper
  • Anchoring straps
  • Zipped storage bag
  • Multi-stretch PU cover
  • Water resistant, vapour permeable cover
  • Antimicrobial, machine washable cover
  • Robust pump connection
  • Transport mode
  • Clinical pressure mapping evaluation
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