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Anti-Slip Material Reels

These Anti-Slip material reels offer a DIY alternative to the manufactured range and provide bespoke solutions to Anti-Slip issues. The material is very flexible and can be cut to any size and shape.


  • Provides a firm grip and hold for domestic objects such as cups, plates and cutlery
  • Ideal as a shelf, tray and drawer liner
  • Make fun shaped DIY Anti-Slip mats
  • Provides an excellent firm grip for handles, knobs etc
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RTL-T/R-1 Reel - Blue (1m x 20cm) £13.99 £8.10
RTL-T/R-2 Reel - Red (1m x 20cm) £13.99 £8.10
RTL-T/R-3 Reel - Blue (1m x 30cm) £16.99 £10.25
RTL-T/R-4 Reel - Red (1m x 30cm) £16.99 £10.25
RTL-T/R-5 Reel - Blue (2m x 20cm) £26.99 £17.65
RTL-T/R-6 Reel - Red (2m x 20cm) £26.99 £17.65