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Apollo Dynamic Mattress

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Pressure relieving mattresses assist with the reduction of pressure ulcer incidence. A fully automatic dynamic mattress system delivers additional protection to vulnerable patients.
The Apollo Dynamic Mattress system automatically adjusts to a patient’s weight. To deliver optimum patient comfort there is the additional benefit of a simple comfort setting. The risk of ‘bottoming out’ is reduced as the Apollo features a figure of eight cell system, which allows the sub cell to remain inflated. The Apollo mattress cover is welded, multi-stretch, vapour permeable and water resistant.


Mattress Specification
Length: 200cm
Width: 88cm
Height: 20cm
Maximum Weight Limit: 190kg (30st)


Control Unit Features
⊲ Auto weight detection
⊲ Comfort controls
⊲ Max inflate
⊲ Alternating mode
⊲ Static mode
⊲ Cushion mode

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