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BD SmartSite Needle-Free valve

SmartSite needle-free valve is designed to permit injection and aspiration of fluids without the use of needles.


The SmartSite needle-free valve is a needle free design to reduce needlestick injuries. The straight-through, non-tortuous fluid path reduces the risk of hemolysis. SmartSite has a flat, smooth surface that lets you easily swab and disinfect the access point. the valve supports compliance while eliminating the need for caps and cannulas.


The valve features high chemical compatibility and lipid resistance, enabling it to accommodate a wide variety of drugs. The low-pressure power injectors up to 325 psi and a maximum flow rate of 10 mL/sec, the valve can be used in radiology. The SmartSite is free from metal which enables the value to be use in MRI and being DEHP free supports neonates, pediatrics and adults.


Prior to every access, always swab the top of the SmartSite valve with a sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe 1-2 seconds and allow to dry approximately 30 seconds.

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