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Bedroom Bundle 4

Casa Elite Low Profiling Bed

Designed and developed for the nursing and residential care environment; the Casa Elite Care Home bed provides safety features for both residents and carers combined with an attractive appearance. This four section electrical profiling bed with adjustable head, foot and knee sections support effective resident care. 

The Casa Elite Low enables the bed platform to be lowered closer to the floor reducing the risk of a fall from height for vulnerable residents. It can also support independent transfers (ingress/egress from the bed) for some individuals.


High Risk Dynamic Mattress System

The Simple Air Dynamic Mattress system delivers pressure relief to those who are at high risk of or have existing pressure ulcers. For additional patient comfort alternating cycle times can be adjusted. To aid decontamination protocols the mattress cover offers a 360˚ zip, welded seams and is water resistant.

Bedroom Bundle 4 - Casa Elite Low Profiling Bed & High Risk Dynamic Air Mattre

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