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Casa Bariatric Profiling Bed Extension Kit

Extension Kit 


  • Extension bracket enables a profiling bed to be extended by 22cm (9") to suit user requirements and fits a wider bed
  • Fits users between 6'5" – 7'1" (196 – 216cm) in height
  • Fitted to the foot section of the bed
  • Extension is 22cm (8.5") in length and 120cm (47") in width


Mattress Infill 


  • Mattress infill is added on top of the extension bracket to cover the additional metal frame
  • 16cm (6") in length and 120cm (47") in width


Longer Metal Side Rails 


  • Longer telescopic metal side rails accommodate the bed extension
  • Side rails are 120cm (47") in length

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21804BBE Bariatric Bed Extension Kit (for Casa Beds) £70.00 £50.00
41622BE Longer Metal Side Rails (for Casa Bariatric Beds) £122.00 £113.80
FFC66B160BE Bariatric Mattress Infill £109.40 £90.00