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Cooking Basket

  • Allows vegetables to be cooked and strained without ever lifting a pan full of boiling water
  • The large flame retardant moulded nylon handle is easy to grip and provides heat insulation
  • Reduces the need for strenuous effort and minimises the risk of scalds, burns and accidents
  • Removes the need for transferring pans to drain water
  • Allows pans contents to be removed safely
  • Angled handle helps grip to reduce wrist strain
  • Small basket diameter- 165mm (6½") and depth -90mm (3½")
  • Large basket diameter - 205mm (8") and depth - 90mm (3½")

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KCA001 Cooking Basket (Small) £17.00 £11.80
KCA001A Cooking Basket (Large) £19.00 £13.95