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Curved Transfer Board

The Samarit Curved Transfer Board makes patient transfers between beds, chairs, wheelchairs and car seats easier than ever before.

This specially designed Samarit Curved Board enables users to slide easily from one sitting surface to another and regain their independence, whether coping with reduced mobility or recovering from surgery. The curved sliding board is incredibly strong and robust, with an impressive maximum user weight of 200kg (31.49 stone), making it suitable for almost any user.

Originally designed in conjunction with acclaimed therapists, tens of thousands of these curved sitting transfer boards have been sold over the years – and it’s easy to see why. The boards’ lightweight construction, ease of handling and comfortable hold enable trouble-free transfers for users, whether assisted or unassisted. Plus, the sitting transfer board is small, compact and easy to wipe clean, ideal for repetitive, long-term use and storage.

Samarit Curved Transfer Board

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