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Fabric Laundry Bags

Our drawstring bags are the conventional solution for dry soiled linen collection and designed to fit a wide range of soiled linen carts. Available in a range of colours.

Size - 70cm x 101cm

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BAG13 Drawstring Laundry Bag - WHITE (70cm x 101cm) £8.00 £5.00
BAG14 Drawstring Laundry Bag - RED (70cm x 101cm) £8.00 £5.00
BAG15 Drawstring Laundry Bag - BLUE (70cm x 101cm) £8.00 £5.00
BAG16 Drawstring Laundry Bag - GREEN (70cm x 101cm) £8.00 £5.00
BAG19 Drawstring Laundry Bag - YELLOW (70cm x 101cm) £7.80 £5.00

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BAG060 Economy Solu-Strip Laundry Sacks, Red, [SPSOL30] (200/case) £15.00 £12.50
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