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Fall Protection

Our wide selection of falls prevention equipment is designed to alert caregivers to any problems that might arise in their absence, including falls, wandering and medical emergencies. Each piece of equipment is designed to offer peace of mind and can save lives. We offer a variety of patient alarm solutions, including nurse call bells, floor sensor mats and motion sensors.

Our range includes a variety of motion sensor pads, including bed sensor matschair sensor mats and floor sensor mats. These pads can be used to give a warning when movement is sensed, with an alarm triggered by motion which can sound remotely and/or locally. If someone falls from the bed or chair, the pad’s sensor will register the lack of weight, or if using the floor mat alarm, the weight of stepping on the mat triggers the alarm to alert carers to patient wandering or a fall.

We also supply a range of falls/crash mattresses to be used with low level profiling beds for those users who are not suitable for their beds to be equipped with protective side rails.