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Fastfit Sling with Padded Legs

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Fastfit Sling with Padded Legs

Full body general patient transfer sling suitable for a range of patient scenarios. Transfer sling with divided leg. Can be used in a hammock position. Comes with back and leg support as well as optional extras such as head support, chest support and hip tapes. The leg sections have additional padding to provide greater comfort on transfer.

Mesh version is great for bathing.

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MH510 Fastfit Sling, with Padded Legs, Small - Poly [S2AS]
£90.00 £70.00
MH512XL Fastfit Sling, with Padded Legs, EXTRA Large - Poly
£100.00 £85.00
MH520 Fastfit Sling with Padded Legs, Small, Net (Bathing)
£94.00 £52.00
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