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Fusion® Washable Bed Pads

FUSION® is a seamless underpad made out of layers that are fused together, which reduces the risk of pressure ulcers.


  • Quilted, washable bed pads include stitching and a variety of thicker layers, which over time can curl, crease and ruck under the user, with the cotton material lumping over time - this can cause an uncomfortable night’s sleep, and increase the risk of bed sores
  • FUSION® bed pads patented fused technology keeps its layers tightly together, leaving no rucks, creases or lumps, and therefore reduing the risk of pressure sores - the incredibly thin design also leaves the pad feeling less noticeable and more discreet when placed under the bed sheet
  • Large, square design provides better bed coverage, whilst also making it easier to remove and replace when making the bed
  • PU (Polyurethane) backing makes it waterproof as well as breathable, with a ‘Stay-Dry’ top layer and superior wicking keeping the user dry and comfortable
  • Can be washed at up to 95ºC and tumble dried, making it ideal for care homes who wish to thermally disinfect the material
  • Size - 90cm x 90cm


Construction: Surface Fabric:  Turquoise Chamonix, 100% Synthetic

Dimensions Weight:  35” x 35” (88 x 88 cm) 25 oz (709 g)

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9100 Fusion® Washable Bed Pad without Tucks - 90cm x 90cm
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