Fusion® Washable Bed Pads

FUSION® is a seamless underpad made out of layers that are fused together, which reduces the risk of pressure ulcers. Quilted, washable bed pads include stitching and a variety of thicker layers, which over time can curl, crease and ruck under the user, with the cotton material lumping over time - this can cause an uncomfortable night’s sleep, and increase the risk of bed sores

FUSION® bed pads patented fused technology keeps its layers tightly together, leaving no rucks, creases or lumps, and therefore reduing the risk of pressure sores - the incredibly thin design also leaves the pad feeling less noticeable and more discreet when placed under the bed sheet

Fusion® vs. Quilted Synthetic Underpad - Absorbency Test

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Fusion® Washable Bed Pad without Tucks - 90cm x 90cm


Fusion® Washable Bed Pad is an innovative new product in reusable bed linen protection, offering a superior solution to current quilted bed pads. Unlike traditional bed pads, FUSION is a square, fused, un-quilted pad that creates a smooth surface for patients to rest on, eliminating the potential for pressure points. Its unique design helps protect the patient’s sensitive skin from moisture, shear and friction, ensuring skin integrity and comfort at all times.

The brushed barrier ensures the pad stays securely in place, providing peace of mind for caregivers. And with the ‘this side down’ indicator, there’s no guesswork – caregivers can be sure they’re using the pad correctly.

At 89 x 89 cm, the FUSION pad offers total linen protection and minimizing the need for bed linen changes. Its reusable design is not only cost-effective but also Eco-friendly, reducing waste and making it an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious individuals, hospitals and care facilities.

The FUSION Bed Pad is the ultimate choice for caregivers and patients alike, providing superior protection, comfort and convenience. Upgrade your skin care game with FUSION and experience the difference for yourself.

  • Without tucks 
  • 89 x 89 cm 
  • Polyester top surface, absorbent soaker layer with PVC barrier
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Price £8.00
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