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Hand Soap

Bactericidal Liquid Soap

  • A non-perfumed, food safe, non-tainting formulation to protect against hand and food borne infections, the product is also effective in hospitals against nosocomial disease


Apple Lotion Soap

  • Luxury pearlised handsoap suitable for all environments
  • Fragranced with apple scent

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072722X5 Senses Bactericidal Liquid Hand Soap (2 X 5 Litre) - Unperfumed £10.70 £8.95
072742X5 Senses Luxury Liquid Soap - Apple (2 x 5 Litre) £10.70 £8.85
077019 Senses Antibacterial Liquid Soap (6 x 500ml) £11.60 £9.80
077037 Senses Luxury Liquid Soap - Apple (6 X 500ml) £11.60 £9.80