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Visco-elastic foam delivers greater pressure redistribution and patient comfort when seated.

The Memaflex cushion conforms to the patient’s shape, maximisingthe body contact area. In addition, the cover is waterproof, multi-stretch and vapour permeable.


2002140001 - Maximum Weight Limit 102kg (16st)


2002140004 - Maximum Weight Limit 167kg (26st)


2002140005 - Maximum Weight Limit 270kg (42st)


MEMAC - Maximum Weight Limit 167kg (26st)



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2002140001 Memaflex Cushion (43cm x 43cm x 5cm) £73.45 £59.00
2002140003 Memaflex Cushion (51cm x 51cm x 5cm) £80.00 £65.00
2002140004 Memaflex Cushion (51cm x 51cm x 7.5cm) £95.64 £77.00
2002140005 Memaflex Cushion (51cm x 51cm x 13cm) £85.72 £69.00
MEMAC Memaflex Cushion (43cm x 43cm x 7.5cm) £80.00 £40.00
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