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Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Memory foam has a unique open cell structure that reacts and responds to body heat and weight by molding to the contours of your body, this optimises the support.
  • The memory Foam Material is the most effective material for relieving pressure points. It is used for the prevention of pressure sores, aswell as having multiple orthopaedic benefits.
  • The Memory foam makes a huge difference to your quality of sleep.
  • This Mattress is made up of 7cm of memory foam and that is bonded onto 15cm of reflex foam
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RMATMF23 Memory Foam Mattress - 2ft 3" £549.00 £355.00
RMATMF26 Memory Foam Mattress - 2ft 6" £549.00 £355.00
RMATMF26MASS Memory Foam Mattress with Massage Unit - 2ft 6" £807.00 £535.00
RMATMF30 Memory Foam Mattress - 3ft £549.00 £355.00
RMATMF30MASS Memory Foam Mattress with Massage Unit - 3ft £817.00 £550.00
RMATMF40 Memory Foam Mattress - 4ft £839.00 £540.00
RMATMF46 Memory Foam Mattress - 4ft 6" £859.00 £555.00