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Poly-Glide Slide Sheets

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Poly-Glide Slide Sheets


  • Intended for disposal after use
  • Produced in tough PP with low friction PU coating to provide easy patient repostioning or transfer
  • Universal sheet suited to all healthcare departments
  • Can be used to combat against MRSA and other infectious bacteria. 

Flat Sheets:

  • can be used as a pair back-to-back or as a single sheet folded in half to provide multi-directional movement for seated or supine patients and avoid the need for manual patient lifting

Standard - 200 x 75cm

Bariatric - 200 x 100cm

Tubular Sheets:

  • is sewn into a continuous tube with a double sewn French seam, this is a low profile seam that minimises potential tissue viability issues whilst adding strength and durability

Standard - 122 (open) x 75cm

Bariatric - 200 (open) x 100cm

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LP020-0003 Poly-Glide Tubular (Disposable) Slide Sheet - Standard (Pack of 10) £39.00 £32.50
LP021-0003 Poly-Glide Flat (Disposable) Slide Sheet - Standard (Pack of 100) £190.00 £158.50
LP021-0005 Poly-Glide Flat (Disposable) Slide Sheet - Bariatric (Pack of 100) £280.00 £233.50
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