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Samarit Patglide

The Samarit Patglide makes patient transfers between two lying surfaces safe and easy for both carers and patients.

Designed to facilitate smooth patient transfers, this lightweight patslide system allows health professionals to easily slide patients from a surface onto a bed or trolley. This hospital patslide offers an array of invaluable properties so that your staff can perform effortless lateral transfers: not only is the Samarit Patglide unbreakable, shatter-proof, X-ray permeable and acid-resistant, but the back of the spine board is complete with safety strips for ultimate patient security.

This superb transfer board also offers a high-slip surface. This flexible surface makes lateral transfers yet easier and assists in-sitting transfers, which are ideal for patients who are unable to lie flat because of breathing difficulties. Plus, the Samarit Patglide is the same size as a conventional Patslide (152cm x 63cm), so there is no need for new training.

The Samarit Patglide’s flexibility and lightweight properties make it ideal for a host of surgical requirements. Plus, the hospital patslide hangs on the wall for easy storage and is easy to clean so that your oganisation can promote excellent infection prevention and control.



Samarit Patglide All-Purpose Transfer Board

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