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Slim Jim Step-On Containers


Rubbermaid 50L Slim Jim Front Step-On Pedal Bin. Also available in 68L and 90L - Please call our office for prices.


Rubbermaid's 50L Slim Jim Front Step-On Pedal Bin is the ideal hygienic waste solution for environments where space is at a premium. The hands-free, pedal operated mechanism eliminates the need to make contact with container surfaces and, therefore, reduces the risk of infection. Its slim profile ensures that it can fit against the wall without obstructing walkways, and the small footprint allows it to fit into tight spaces. Meanwhile, internal hinges prevent damage to any surfaces against which the container is placed


Features and Benefits


Commercial grade, heavy duty pedal can withstand high levels of use ensuring excellent product longevity
Hands-free operation protects users from the risk of touching contaminated surfaces or waste
Slow-closing, dampened lid conceals unsightly waste and odours while preventing airborne bacteria or spores from escaping into the atmosphere
Silent close lid makes this the ideal waste container for environments where noise levels need monitoring
Internal hinge prevents damage to walls when opening and closing
Rounded contours and smooth surfaces facilitate easy cleaning and sterilisation of receptacle




Capacity: 50L
Dimensions: W45.64 x H71.88 x D29.16cm
Material: Resin


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RM-1883577 Slim Jim Step-On 68L Container (50 x 31 x 80cm) - YELLOW £137.50 £135.00
RM-1883589 Slim Jim Step-On 90L Step On Container - GREEN £224.25 £193.00
RM-1883602B Slim Jim Step-On 50L Container (46 x 29 x 72 cm) - BLACK £113.00 £93.60
RM-1883613 Slim Jim Step-On 68L Container (50 x 31 x 80cm) - BLACK £137.50 £135.00
RM-1883615 Slim Jim Step-On 90L Container - BLACK £175.10 £167.50