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Small Low Plate

Made from durable melamine this shallow plate is virtually unbreakable. The low internal wall means the plate has the look of a standard porcelain plate but with the assistive qualities of an adaptive plate.  The lightweight design combined with wide lip rim incorporating sensory bumps aid with carrying and holding, either single or double handed.  Vibrant contrast coloured rim assists with food recognition and aids those with visual impairments.  Discreet silicone feet prevent surface slipping and reduces potential mess and breakages.  Ideal for elderly or anyone with a grip difficulty.  Encourages independence and dignity when eating.

  • Made from premium BPA-free melamine

    Chip and scratch proof yet with appearance of porcelain

  • Silicone Feet

    Aids stability on table or tray

  • High contrast rim option

    Helpful for those with visual impairment

  • Sensory bump

    Builds muscle memory

  • Nestable

    Space saving for storage

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PDW-OT3830B Omni Small Low Plate Blue Rim180x170x20mm £10.95 £8.75
PDW-OT3830R Omni Small Low Plate Red Rim180x170x20mm £10.95 £8.75
PDW-OT3830W Omni Small Low Plate White Rim180x170x20mm £10.95 £8.75