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Suction Catheter

AY8888250134: This is a sterile, single use suction catheter with a vacuum breaker and open distal end. It has two side eyes and comes in a range of sizes. The catheter ensures a uniformly distributed flow. Made from medical grade PVC. Device has one central hole and two side eyes.


FA30*: These are suction catheters used for tracheal, endobronchial and oral suction procedures.


KEM2121: Gentle-Flo suction catheter for atraumatic suction is an atraumatic suction catheter (with a vactrol vacuum breaker connector) for bronchial suction. The Gentle-Flo suction catheter is designed with one central lumen and 4 elliptical side holes to protect the mucosa from invagination and avoid suction trauma with a uniformly distributed flow. Made from medical grade PVC, the Gentle-Flo suction catheter is particularly soft and thermosensitive with a satin slip surface that guarantees minimal trauma during insertion and extraction.

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AY8888250134 ARGYLE™ Touch-Trol™ Suction Catheter with Vacuum Breaker 12fg x 52cm (50) £32.00 £23.00
FA301 Suction Catheter 10fg 48cm ** (100) [P1SC-1010/48] £35.00 £17.50
FA302 Suction Catheter 12ch 48cm, 4mm ** (100) [P1SC-1012/48] £18.00 £16.80
FA303 Suction Catheter 14ch 48cm ** (100) [P1SC-1014/48] £14.50 £14.50
FA304 Suction Catheter 16fg 48cm (100) [P1SC-1016/48] £18.30 £14.50
FA305 Suction Catheter 18fg 48cm (100) [P1SC-1018/48] £17.50 £17.50
KEM2121 Gentle-Flo Suction Catheter Vactrol Str. 12CH (100) £34.00 £34.00