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***FA9401 - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE (AS OF 17.12.2020)***


Lemon and Glycerine Swabs - Cotton-tipped glycerine swabsticks with a lemon flavour. Non-sterile and latex-free.

UHS Green Foam Swabsticks - Latex free, non-sterile foam tipped swabsticks.

Sterlin Transport Swab with Charcoal -  is a primary sample collection and transport device for bacteria for in vitro use only. Each swab has a lot number, expiry date and tamper evident tube that ensure complete traceability and sterility. The Sterilin transport swab is CE marked as Class IIa in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (for transient invasive use). Certificate of Sterility and Quality Assurance is available on request.

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FA509 Lemon and Glycerine Swabs (25)** £4.25 £4.25
FA510 Blackcurrent Swabsticks (3 x 25) £8.60 £6.55
FA9401 UHS Green Foam Swabsticks (RML85) 250/pack £11.75 £11.75
SV18114CST Sterlin Transport Swab with Charcoal (50) £25.00 £15.00