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Lemon and Glycerine Swabs - Cotton-tipped glycerine swabsticks with a lemon flavour. Non-sterile and latex-free.

UHS Green Foam Swabsticks - Latex free, non-sterile foam tipped swabsticks.

Sterlin Transport Swab with Charcoal -  is a primary sample collection and transport device for bacteria for in vitro use only. Each swab has a lot number, expiry date and tamper evident tube that ensure complete traceability and sterility. 

Polygon Mouth Swabs - Polygon swabs are dry, pink foam polygon swabsticks for use in oral hygiene procedures.




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FA509 Lemon and Glycerine Swabs (25)** £5.50 £4.99
FA510 Blackcurrent Swabsticks (3 x 25) £8.60 £6.55
FA9401 UHS Green Foam Swabsticks (RML85) 250/pack £11.75 £11.75
RML122-A Polygon Mouth Swabs (5) £0.55 £0.55
SV18114CST Sterlin Transport Swab with Charcoal (50) £25.00 £17.50