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TENA Pants Normal

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TENA Pants Normal


TENA Pants Normal helps you provide enhanced care thanks to its innovative SmartDesign. The new design incorporates a special balance of super absorbent materials, where they are most needed. TENA Pants Normal offers a slimmer fit, providing reliable protection that’s as secure as ever, but more comfortable to wear for reliable dryness and security. They are easy to pull on and remove. TENA Pants Normal, now 20% thinner, 100% as secure.

  • TENA Pants gently follows the contours of the body
  • The Odour Neutraliser reduces the effect of ammonia odour
  • Wetness indicator shows when it is time to change
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791568 TENA Pants Normal - Medium (4 x 18) £72.65 £48.50
791668 TENA Pants Normal - Large (4 x 18) £80.00 £55.00
791765 TENA Pants Normal - Extra-Large (6 x 15) £125.02 £90.00
792564 TENA Pants Plus - Medium (4 x 14) £65.96 £46.00
793762 TENA Pants Super - Extra Large (4 x 12) £85.00 £61.00
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