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Vernagel is a super absorbent powder which prevents spillages and leaks by solidifying liquids, trapping them in a dry, semi solid gel that is convenient and easy to dispose of.

Vernagel solidifies bodily fluids, this prevents any spillages particularly when the bedpan or bottle is taken from the patient, reducing cross infection.
With Vernagel solidifying liquids, this eliminates spillages and splash backs thus increasing patient confidence and protecting the dignity of your patient through the night.

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VR450MA100 VernaGel Absorbent Powder Sachets (6g x 100) £25.00 £17.95
VR456MA400 VernaGel Absorbent Powder (4kg) £73.86 £55.00
VR456MA475 VernaGel Absorbent Powder (475g)
£17.80 £9.50