26" Handy Grabber

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26" Handy Grabber
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The Handy Reacher can make life easier when reaching for things on the top of a shelf or off the floor. They are ideal for individuals with limited hand strength and difficulties bending forward or stretching. They are made from sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminium and have a soft tip for gripping delicate items. Slip resistant rubber jaws securely hold objects while the triggers only require the use of one or two fingers.
  • Lightweight Aluminium and Plastic
  • Slip resistant rubber jaws
  • Length to Handle: 72cm (28.3") or 62cm (25")
  • Length to Trigger: 67cm (26.32") or 57cm (22")
  • 1 year
  • Lightweight Aluminium and Plastic


  • 13cm
  • 66cm
  • 62cm
  • 57cm
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RTL5020 £12.30
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30" Reaching Aid
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32" Handy Grabber
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Rutland Adjustable Height Trolley (Brown) [275N] Item eligible for vat exemption
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Rutland Adjustable Trolley with Push Bar [275NPB] Item eligible for vat exemption
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Silent Knight Pill Crusher Pouches (1000)
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Silent Knight Tablet Crusher
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