Thermometers are a must-have for any care facility or medical setting, and we carry a vast range of thermometers for almost every eventuality. 

We have a selection of everyday thermometers, including bath thermometers, which help you ensure that your residents are always at a comfortable temperature. Our range also includes fridge/freezer and food thermometers so you can keep your kitchen safety up to scratch.

For medical settings, ear thermometers will help you keep track of your patient's body temperature to catch and monitor any fluctuations or fevers. 

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Picture of Dial Fridge Freezer Thermometer

Dial Fridge Freezer Thermometer


This easy to read fridge or freezer thermometer is circular and has a Ø52mm dial. This fridge/freezer thermometer indicates temperature over the range of -30 to 30°C in 1°C  divisions. It incorporates colour-coded zones for ease of reading and is housed in an ABS case that incorporates a plastic hook to hang from a shelf.

  • Temperature range -30 to 30°C
  • Integral hanging hook
Price £6.55
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Digital Min/Max Fridge Freezer Thermometer


The Min/Max fridge thermometer is designed with two sensors to accurately measure the internal temperature of a refrigerator as well as measuring the room temperature. The fridge thermometer has a remote water resistant probe with a one metre PVC lead to measure the appliance temperature and an internal sensor to measure the room temperature.

The fridge thermometer has a max/min memory function to record the highest and lowest temperatures and an audible alarm. The external probe can be mounted onto the fridge internal wall using the suction pad or mounting bracket supplied. The thermometer is housed in a robust ABS case and incorporates a foot-stand for shelf mounting.

  • Min: Minus 49.9 degrees C
  • Max: 69.9 degrees C
  • Resolution: 0.1 degrees C
  • Dimensions: 15mm x 52mm x 73mm
RRP £20.00
Price £15.85
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Digital Shower Head Thermometer


The waterproof digital shower head water thermometer is a bath/shower attachment that is designed to accurately display the temperature of the water.

Designed to display a clear indication if the water is warm or too hot or too cold, waterproof digital shower head water thermometer eliminates the dangers of scalding as the thermometer incorporates temperature LED alert function that warns the user when the temperature exceeds a pre-set temperature.

RRP £22.00
Price £16.95
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In-Ear Digital Thermometer

The In-Ear thermometer gives a fast reading time and has a 10 reading memory. The unit is compact in size for convenience and beeps when the reading is ready.
  • Measuring range: 32˚C -43˚C (89.6˚F -109.4˚F)
  • Accuracy: +/-0.2˚C (0.4˚F)
  • Measure time: 1 second
  • Display resolution – 0.1˚C or 0.1˚F
  • 10 reading memory
  • Fever alarm
  • Auto shut-off within 1 minute
  • Low battery indicator
RRP £27.00
Price £20.00
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Multi Function Digital Probe Themometer


The New Design Digital Multi-Function thermometer is a compact and easy-to-use thermometer ideal for restaurants, bars, and cafes as an economical solution for temperature measurement applications.

The Digital Multi-Function thermometer features a display hold facility, max/min memory, and a CalCheck 0.0 °C function together with an adjustable audible high/low-temperature alarm.

The Multi-Function thermometer housing and probe handle includes Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology that reduces bacterial growth. Each unit is supplied with a stainless steel, food penetration probe (Ø3.5 x 125 mm) with one metre PVC connecting lead, pocket clip, and probe cover.

RRP £20.00
Price £15.00
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Plastic Wall Thermometer 202mm


Whether for home, conservatory, office or factory, this wall mounted room thermometer is a simple and economic device for personal or commercial indoor temperature measurement.

The spirit-filled thermometer features an easy-to-read analogue scale with measurements in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Temperature is measured over the range of -30 to 50 °C, with an accuracy of ±1 °C.

Housed in a white ABS plastic case, the dimensions are 25 x 175mm.

For the most accurate recording of ambient temperatures, the indoor thermometer should be positioned away from direct sunlight and draughts.

Price £2.99
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Radiant TH809 Tympanic Thermometer


The Radiant TH809 Tympanic thermometer is a compact and ergonomic designed thermometer with innovative temperature compensation technology.

The Radiant TH809 is designed with one second measurement for quick temperature measurements and self diagnosis technology.

The thermometer has a Large LCD display for easy reading, a dual scale (Celsius, Fahrenheit) depending on your preference, nine reading memory to store relevant measurements and a fever alarm.

The Radiant TH809 Tympanic thermometer is made with low power consumption and conforms to ASTM accuracy standards. Protective probe covers are supplied complete with each unit and available to order separately.

RRP £35.00
Price £33.00
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Radiant TH809 Tympanic Thermometer Disposable Probe Covers (40)


To ensure accuracy and good hygiene practice these disposable probe covers are designed to be used with the Radiant TH809 Tympanic Thermometer.

RRP £5.50
Price £4.95
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T-100 Non-Contact Digital Thermometer


Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not supplied)

Combining ease of use with a portable design, the Marsden T-100 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is ideal for monitoring temperature whether you're at home, on the go, or working in a medical environment. The Medical Devices Directive (MDD)-approved non-contact thermometer helps to improve hygiene by requiring to physical contact with the forehead, reducing the risk of contamination between patients or users.

Check for signs of virus in seconds: Simply point the non contact thermometer at the person who's temperature you wish to take, and press the button on the handle.

RRP £70.00
Price £30.00
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T-210 Automatic Wall Mounted Thermometer


This contactless wall mounted thermometer is MDD Approved, meaning dependable accuracy when measuring temperature - peace of mind for you. Ideal for businesses, schools, bars, etc.

An automatic thermometer allows you to easily and instantly check the temperatures of employees, customers or patients at entrance points to your building. Simply affix the T-210 to a wall, or order the optional stand, and begin screening temperatures.

The T-210 uses motion sensors and infrared technology to measure temperature instantly. Simply stand in front of the device (within 1cm - 10cm), and within one second your temperature will display. The reading will display on the large, clear LED display; if it's a healthy temperature, a green light will display accompanied by a single beep. If temperature is high, a red light will display and the device will beep continuously.

RRP £95.00
Price £75.00
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Thermometer Probe Covers (100/pack)

Disposable thermometer probe covers to ensure hygiene is maintained during temperature checks.
Disposable covers,
Easy to fit and remove
Pack of 100 probe covers
RRP £10.00
Price £8.50
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Universal Bath Thermometer


To help prevent scaling in hot baths, the bath thermometer is used to measure temperature of baths.

Measured in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit, place the bath thermometer into the bath (remove before bathing) for an accurate measurement.


Colour may vary 

Price £6.30
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