Patient Slings

Our high quality range of patient slings offers a variety of designs and materials to allow comfortable moving and handling. All of our slings have a colour coded loop system to make positioning, and connection to a hoist, as simple as possible. This system offers a range of adjustments to meet the specific needs of the user.

Selecting the correct type of sling depends on the physical characteristics of the user, such as height and weight, whether the user has trunk control or needs head and/or leg support. Additional factors to consider are:

  • Type of transfer - from which position is the individual going from and to.
  • Individual’s medical condition - for example their functional and sitting ability.
  • Comfort - consider chronic pain, perhaps medical attachments.
  • The hoist and spreader bar - ensure that the sling can be used and fitted correctly to the equipment (the majority of our slings are 'loop' fixing).

Unsure which size sling you require? Please click here to view our size guide. Please check the size guide above before ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current infection control policies, we are unable to accept returns on any items in our sling range.

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