Floor Cleaner & Carpet Care

We supply a range floor cleaning products such as carpet shampoo and hard floor cleaners to help you main floors to keep them clean and safe. 

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GREYLAND Carpet Pre-Spotter & Upholstery Cleaner (6 x 750ml)

Items delivered with 6 standard caps on the bottles and 2 trigger heads in the box. 

A pleasantly fragranced ready to use carpet and upholstery spot cleaner. May be used as a stain remover or as a pre-spotter in conjunction with Extraction Carpet Shampoo. This is a ready to use product, no dilution is required.

Test a small area for colour fastness prior to use. Spray onto stain and leave for a few minutes to react then gently rub with a soft cloth or brush, work towards the centre of the stain, finally rub with a damp cloth to pick up residue and allow it to dry thoroughly. Vacuum to complete the process.

Safety Data Sheet

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GREYLAND Cherry-Maximum Extraction Carpet Shampoo (4 x 5 Litre)

4 x 5 Litre

An effective cleaner of carpets and upholstery, this low foaming product is suitable for use with either hot or cold water machines.

Test a small area for colour fastness prior to use. Vacuum carpet or fabric before commencing cleaning operation. Dilute approximately 1 to 50 with water and add to carpet cleaning machine. Clean carpet or fabric as per machine manufacturer’s guidelines. Brush carpet or fabric when finished and leave to dry for at least six or seven hours. Vacuum carpet or fabric again when dry.

Safety Data Sheet

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Wet Floor Sign

Essential for use during and after cleaning floor surfaces

Height - 670mm
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