Clocks & Orientation Boards

Remembering the day and time can become increasingly difficult for people with memory loss and dementia. Our range of day clocks and orientation boards have been shown to ease confusion, stress and anxiety throughout the dementia journey.

Research has shown that using bright and contrasting colours around the home makes it easier for people with dementia to identify objects.

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Picture of Communal Orientation Board

Communal Orientation Board

The Communal Orientation Board is a great way to display the information people need such as the time, day and date, the time of the year, what the weather is like and any noteworthy birthdays or events. Each Board is suppled a set of 62 fully laminated and wipeable dementia friendly cards.

When living with dementia it is easy to become confused and disoriented. The Communal Orientation Board can help to keep routines on track in addition being an aid to telling the time. Overall it will assist to reduce anxiety and agitation by providing valuable information.

  • Clock with protected clear polycarbonate cover
  • A full set of cards for the day, date and weather
  • Today is…” section comes with blank plastic insert for own personalisation
  • Secure, simple, hidden fixings
  • Non-reflective surface
  • Ability to personalise “Home Name”
  • Size:700mm(h) x 900mm(w)
ex. VAT
RRP £520.00
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Picture of Day and Night Clock

Day and Night Clock

ex. VAT
RRP £57.00
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Picture of Day and Night Orientation Board

Day and Night Orientation Board

A personal orientation board can be a great help when someone needs memory prompts or has difficulty discerning the time of day or weather. The dry-wipe area for leaving messages can be a valuable prompt for remembering simple but important things. All information can be recorded in one place.

  • The clock is protected by a clear polycarbonate cover
  • Dry-wipe, non-reflective surface
  • Full set of card inserts for day and night, day/date/month
  • Dry-wipe pen supplied
  • 420mm(h) x 594mm(w)
ex. VAT
RRP £230.00
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