Oxygen Therapy

Healthcare Direct are proud to supply a range of Oxygen Concentrators manufactured by Drive Devilbiss Healthcare; one of the leading names in respiratory products worldwide.

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Accessory/Travel Bag for iGO Portable Oxygen Concentrator


The iGo Accessory Bag features pockets that can hold two iGo batteries and includes room for storage of power cords. The iGo travel accessory bag is made with a rubber handle that offers a sturdy grip and closes with a zipper. It is ideal for carrying iGo accessories and for toting keys, wallets, medication, cell phones and more. FOR iGO ONLY, not iGO2

Price £73.00
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Deluxe Rolling Carry Case/Trolley for iGO Portable Oxygen Concentrator


The DeVilbiss iGo Deluxe Rolling Case is designed to help you get the most out of your DeVilbiss iGo. It features a lightweight construction and convenient telescoping handle, making it a great, portable option for oxygen patients on the go. Not for IGO2.

  • Telescoping Handle
  • Transparent LCD Screen Window
Price £249.00
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DeVilbiss 10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator


The 10 litre oxygen concentrator has been developed to offer optimal oxygen therapy for those requiring varying flow rates. It utilises the latest advancements in oxygen therapy and is compatible to be used with cylinder transfill systems.

The compact design sits within the same footprint as the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare 5 litre 525 oxygen concentrator and only weighs 19kg; making this unit lightweight and compact. Capable of delivering 87% to 96% of O₂ purity from 2 to 10 LPM, the 1025 oxygen concentrator is an ideal investment for your patients and business alike.

  • Each 1025 comes with the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare OSD (oxygen sensing device) to monitor the oxygen levels and ensures user safety
  • Oxygen outlet incorporating a fire protection adapter for added safety
  • Visual and audible alarms to indicate power failure, high gas temperature, high pressure, low/high flow, low oxygen and service required
  • Assembled in the USA and utilises approximately 80% of the same reliable components found in the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare 5 litre 525 oxygen concentrator
  • An auxiliary oxygen port is included at the back of the concentrator which can be used to fill cylinder transfill systems
  • Small, lightweight and compact design. Only weighting 19kg and within the same housing as the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare 5 litre 525 oxygen concentrator
  • Durable and reliable; the 1025 has been tested under a number of conditions like high temperatures and high humidity
  • The 1025 has a bright LED panel for patient controls, with a protected cannula fitting and recessed humidifier nook to prevent damage
  • Features a lockable flow metre and can accommodates up to 15m of oxygen tubing plus 7ft of cannula
RRP £2,419.00
Price £1,225.00
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DeVilbiss 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator

The 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator Compact 525 is manufactured at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare's dedicated oxygen therapy facility in Pennsylvania, USA. The 525 oxygen concentrator is a quiet reliable oxygen concentrator providing a continuous supply of oxygen therapy for 24 hour care at home.

An oxygen concentrator is an electrically operated device that provides an uninterrupted supply of oxygen as and when required at the touch of a button. The oxygen concentrator draws in room air, separates the oxygen from other gases in the air and delivers the oxygen at high concentrations to the user.

The 525KS-UK delivers up to 5 litres per minute with high oxygen concentration across all flow rates.
  • Features a flow rate of 0.5 - 5lpm, delivering 93% ± 3% oxygen concentration
  • Includes an auxiliary oxygen port at the back of the oxygen concentrator which can be used to fill cylinder transfill systems
  • Visual and audible alarms for low oxygen levels, power failure, pressure drops and service required
  • OSD Sensor for continuously monitoring oxygen levels
  • Front labels with easy to read pictograms
  • Oxygen outlet incorporating a fire protection adapter
RRP £2,029.00
Price £886.65
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