Burns Dressings

These gel soaked burns dressings are used by paramedics, hospitals, trauma and burns units and provides a protective cooling barrier giving immediate relief.

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May 2024 Expiry

Burn Kool Dressing 10cm x 10cm **


Patented Water-Jel sterile dressings are easy to carry, store and use”. Also protects against airborne infection. Water-Jel dressings do not stick to the wound and can be applied directly over clothing. Immediately cools the burn and begins to halt its progression whilst providing relief to the casualty

  • Medical grade non-woven dressing is saturated with a scientifically formulated cooling gel
  • Dressings require no pre cooling
  • Single use dressings
  • Sterile and non-toxic
  • Instant burn relief and protection

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Burnkool Burn Gel Sachet 3.5g **


BurnKool dressings promptly relieve pain and protect the wound from further contamination. By cooling the burn, reducing burn progression and healing the skin.


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