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Welcome To HealthCare Direct

Since 1993, HealthCare Direct has been committed to providing top-quality products to care homes, individuals, and a variety of businesses throughout the UK. Our extensive range of high-quality products covers an array of essentials for care homes and medical environments, ensuring exceptional care and comfort.

We stock a wide variety of products, including Examination Gloves, Continence Care, Nursing Beds, Mobility Aids, Pressure Care Products, and much more.

Explore our website to discover our extensive range and take advantage of the latest offers in our E-Catalogue. For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team here.

30° Turning mattress
Picture of Optima Turn Mattress System 90cm

Optima Turn Mattress System 90cm

For High to Very High Risk

Automated Lateral Rotational Pressure Relief Solution — Improving repositioning feasibility and patient comfort.

Optima Turn optimizes caregivers' workflow and safety during repositioning regimes by automating 30° turn with different turning cycle options, reducing nursing injuries and bottlenecks. Its side bolsters protect patients from pressing on the bed rails, ensuring safety and comfort during turning.

Automate 30° Lateral Turning

Click-to-activate turning angle, direction, and therapy timer minimize labor requirements for patient repositioning, protect the caregiver from potential injuries, and allow more time and energy to adjust the patient for maximum comfort.

Side Bolsters Ensure Patient Safety

Firm side bolsters, made from TPU air cells, run along the left and right sides of the mattress, preventing patients from being compressed against the bed rails and reducing claustrophobia during turning, ensuring patient safety and comfort. 

Personalize Heel Relief Care

Accommodate pressure relief care for different body types by deflating individual air cells at the heels to maintain zero-pressure heel relief, minimizing the patient's risk of developing pressure injuries and prolonging the length of treatment.

Manage & Protect Bony Areas 

Mechanically assisted turning simplifies caregivers’ effort of inserting repositioning pillows between bony structures (between knees, under elbows) to provide postural support and comfort and prevent joints from pressing against each other. 

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RRP £2,995.00
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L Style Overbed Table with Castors

The L Style over bed/chair tables are fixed for a fast assembly, coming in two parts that simply sit together with no need to fix in the base.

The tables are ideal for use in the bedroom or lounge to enable the user to read, eat, take part in puzzles, etc.

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RRP £100.00
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Profiling Bed Two Bar Rail Bumpers, 200cm, Open Ended - VELCRO Fastening

Sold in pairs 

Patient entrapment and limb injury are a serious issues in beds with exposed railings. Thorpe Mill's Hospital Bed Rail Bumpers with Net Windows for Two Rail Profiling Beds quickly and easily attach to a bed to cover up gaps in the railings, removing the chance of arms and legs getting caught.

A soft and comfortable material cover also promotes comfort and prevents bumps, scuffs and bruising in elderly patients.

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Single Fitted Smart Sheet Poly-Cotton NON-FR (Bottom Sheet) - Cream

Non-Fire Retardant. 30% Polyester 70% Cotton. Colour: Cream. Single Bed 

The Single Fitted Smart Sheet is a Knitted Sheet with multi-directional stretch which, unlike conventional woven sheets, means that this one sheet will fit the vast majority of healthcare mattresses, ranging from standard profiling beds to beds with dynamic airflow/pressure reduction mattresses.

Smart Sheets are constructed from a unique knitted fabric which is much softer than conventional woven sheets.

  • Money Saving - a care home can save up to 30% on total laundry costs
  • Time Saving - requires no ironing and only 1 person needed to make the bed
  • Trusted - used in over 85,000 healthcare beds within the UK
  • Compatible with Dynamic Mattresses

Double Bed Sheets available on request - call us on 020 8236 0060

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RRP £22.00
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s1 wheelchair.jpg

S1 Steel Wheelchair 45cm (18") Transit

View Crash Test Certificate

The S1 wheelchair features 32cm (12.5") transit wheels. The wheelchair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, given its robust steel frame and its easy fold mechanism for transportation. The S1 comes with vinyl upholstery and padded armrests, offering comfortable support which is easily wiped clean.

The S1 Steel Wheelchair is crash test compliant and suitable for use as a seat in a motor vehicle as per ISO 7176-19.

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RRP £279.00
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Marsden M-225 Low Cost Chair Scale

The Marsden M-225 is an entry level Class III Approved chair scale. With a 250kg capacity and accuracy to 100g it is perfect for hospitals and care homes, and has all the essential basic functions required for accurate weighing of patients.

The M-225’s portability makes it a convenient scale for hospitals, GP practices and care homes. An affordable solution for all general medical and surgical wards, the 250kg capacity means it is suitable for weighing most patients with restricted mobility. This portable chair scale lets you take the scale directly to the patient instead of needing to bring the patient to the scale. It also features a unique Body Surface Area (BSA) function.

  • Entry level, Class III Approved chair scale
  • Ideal for use in hospitals and care homes
  • BMI and BSA calculation as standard
  • Adjustable armrests and footrests
  • 250kg capacity and accurate to 100g
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RRP £700.00
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Maia Large Dry Wipes 28 x 31cm (100)

100 wipes per pack / 32 packs in a case

Perfect for everyday use, Maia Large Dry Wipes ensure both your budget and your skin are cared for. Our dry patient wipes are ideal for cleaning the skin, a critical task for any carer.

These dry wipes are soft and offer great strength and absorbency.  Also ideal for soaking up spills of various fluids. 

  • Size 28 x 31cm
  • Pack of 100
  • 32 packs per case
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RRP £2.99
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Freeway T80 Reclining Shower Chair (440mm / 17" Wide)

The Freeway T80 shower chair can support users with limited mobility. The T80 features two high-quality stainless-steel gas struts, and the tilt action is easy and light to operate. It can recline up to 40° through infinite positions, and a wide range of positioning accessories are available.

The seat, armrests and backrest are covered in hard-wearing, flame-retardant material, which can be easily wiped clean to ensure a hygienic care environment. An antimicrobial and antibacterial coating protects the chair.

It is resistant to the hospital superbug MRSA, E. coli, salmonella and listeria, providing a durable and hygienic option for toileting and bathing.

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RRP £1,457.96
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Casa Elite Home Care Bed Low in Beech - Without Side rails & Exposed Actuators

Be Advised: The price above includes kerbside delivery to a business premises only. Please call our office on 020 8236 0060 for more information on our white glove delivery service. Please note installation must be carried out to a private, residential address.

When a person in a vulnerable state is in danger of falling from the bed, it is crucial to minimize the space between the bed and the floor. The Casa Elite Home Beech Low Profiling Bed, equipped with four sections and electric features, can be lowered significantly closer to the ground compared to a typical profiling bed. This decreases the likelihood of a severe fall and enhances safety and accessibility for both the patient and the caregiver.

The Casa Elite is available as a standard or a low model; both bed variants allow the bed to be raised/lowered to a height such that a carer's posture is closer to neutral for the moving and handling of patients.

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RRP £929.00
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Puree Food Mould with Lid - Chicken Leg (Each)

Puree food mould is made from premium silicone with a glossy non-stick finish for easy food-mould release.

The silicone moulds can be stacked in the freezer for easy and convenient storage and comes with a food safe lid for exceptional storage and heating performance.

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RRP £40.00
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Bundle Deal

BUNDLE DEAL - Air on Air Active Mattress System with Theia Digital Pump

Bundle deal includes: 

  • 1 x Air on Air Active Mattress System
  • 1 x Theia Digital Pump

Air on Air Active Mattress System

The Air on Air Replacement Mattress offers benefits in a setting where individuals are at high risk of skin breakdown and require an immersive support surface as part of an overall plan of care. Click here for full details.

  • Top covers are multi-stretch, water resistant and vapour permeable. The seams are welded to help prevent fluid ingress
  • The cover includes a white inner substrate to assist with identifying strike-through and cover damage
  • Ultra-Fresh(TM) anti-microbial, is fully encapsulated in the cover to help control microbial deterioration and to help extend the life of the covers, contributing to a reduction in cost of ownership and improved product longevity

Theia Digital Pump Unit

The Theia Digital Pump is part of the Theia and Eros dynamic pressure area care range, developed with flexibility and choice in mind; providing multiple system combinations to meet clinical needs. Click here for full details.

  • Offering 2:1 alternating therapy
  • Static Mode
  • Comfort controls
  • Audible and visual alerts for low pressure
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RRP £590.00
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