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About Healthcare Direct

HealthCare Direct Ltd are a specialist supplier of care home equipment and consumables throughout UK. Our customer service team is very helpful and knowledgeable of the products used in care homes.  Our range of high-quality products encompasses everything needed in a care home and other medical professions.

We have developed a full range of long-term care beds designed for the nursing, residential and homecare environments. Our range includes electrically operated, fully profiling nursing beds to entry level fixed height divan beds meeting all residents and Care Home needs. We stock range of mattresses from high risk foam mattress to Static and Dynamic mattresses suitable for high risk users which are developed to provide optimum pressure relieving solutions for both short and long term patient management.

Our fall protection products which are designed to give users a warning if a resident is about to potentially fall out of bed or prevent residents from falling by reducing the level of risk. The products vary from Foam Wedges, Hip Protectors, Floor Sensor Mats, Fall Out Mats and Bed & Chair Monitors.

We have a range of different moving & handling products which supports users that are being transferred or moved while taking into consideration the patient’s safety and comfort. The products vary from Transfer Aids, Transfer Boards, Hoists, Support Belts and Slings and Glide Sheets.

Our washable and disposable Continence Care which include the likes of protective undergarments, sanitary products, washable bed, chair and floor pads and incontinence sheets. We also have a specialist range of patient care products including Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl powder free gloves, dry and wet patient wipes, pulp products, skincare lotions and creams, paper products, first aid kits and dispensers. Our hygiene and infection control range products help prevent spread of infections in the care home. This includes disinfection, hard surface wipes, Biohazard, hand cleaners, soaps, and hand sanitisers

We offer a wide range of Pressure Care products that are designed to help prevent the risk of developing pressure ulcers. The product varies from Positioning Aids & Wedges, Foot & Elbow Protectors and Static & Active Protective Cushions. Our wheelchairs and accessories which caters to users needs and requirements while also thinking about their safety and comfort levels. The products vary from: Bariatric, Aluminium, Self-Propel, Transit, Wheelchair Cushions and Lap Belts.

We offer a wide range of Bathroom Aids & Accessories which are designed to make users feel safe and comfortable - Towels & Flannels, Shower Chairs & Stools, Grab Bars & Rails and Toilet Accessories

Our Dementia products that help and enable users to be independent and be aware of their surroundings. The colour and variety available help suit certain needs for users and at the same time stimulates their mind with everything there is to offer. Products range from clock & date boards, therapy dolls, signage, bendable cutlery, walking frames and smell and sound stimulation. Our range of living aids products which are designed to make it simpler, comfortable and safer for users in their day to day life. This gives them independency and makes it easier for mobility.

The living aids products include Cushions, Perching/Kitchen/Shower Stools, Dressing Aids, Home Health, Massage Balls, Rail Support and Trolleys. Our Dining products which are uniquely designed to help make the experience of eating for patients more durable and easier. Our range varies from Patient Protective Clothing, Tablecloths & Napkins, Plates & Dishes, Beakers & Cups and Kitchen Essentials.