Oral Hygiene

Our Oral Hygiene range includes Glycerine Swabsticks, Mouth Cleanser and more down below.

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Blackcurrant and Glycerine Swabsticks (75)


Pleasant tasting and sugar-free, these glycerin oral swabsticks stimulate the saliva glands, providing refreshment and relief for patients with restricted oral intake. Three single-use swabsticks in each foil pack.

Used to stimulate saliva glands of patients:

  • with respiratory problems
  • nil by mouth
  • undergoing cancer or drug therapy treatments
  • on oxygen or ventilator





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Denture Cup with Strainer & Lid


The denture cup is a long life re-usable container for protecting, cleaning and storing dentures overnight or whilst travelling.

The denture cup is designed with internal strainer to hold dentures in place and drain during cleaning as well as a hinged lid.

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Colour: Capri Green
  • Dimension: 90mm x 80mm x 60mm
  • Quantity: 1
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Lemon and Glycerine Swabs (25x3)**


Lemon and Glycerine Swabs - Cotton-tipped glycerine swabsticks with a lemon flavour. Non-sterile and latex-free.

UHS Green Foam Swabsticks - Latex free, non-sterile foam tipped swabsticks.

Sterlin Transport Swab with Charcoal -  is a primary sample collection and transport device for bacteria for in vitro use only. Each swab has a lot number, expiry date and tamper evident tube that ensure complete traceability and sterility. 

Polygon Mouth Swabs - Polygon swabs are dry, pink foam polygon swabsticks for use in oral hygiene procedures.




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MC3 Mouth Cleanser (25/pack)


MC3 is a safe replacement for the sponge mouth swab & is available in two colours white and yellow, this provides visual aid to highlight patient hygiene over a 24 hour period. The cone shaped head and soft round filaments soothe the tongue and soft tissues when cleansing the inside of the mouth. The extended handle is easy grip and allows good access to the back of the mouth.

Patient groups who will benefit from MC3 are those in intensive care / critical care, stroke and other neurological patients, head & neck oncology patients, elderly mentally ill patients and those dependent on mouth care.

MC3 is used to help prevent the risk factors associated with Ventilator Associated Pneumonia and other systemic diseases. To ensure good mouth care is achieved, include MC3 in all oral health care plans for vulnerable people.

Mouth Cleanser 3 can be used:

  • To moisten the lips, tongue and soft tissues inside the mouth with water, water based gels and mouth rinses.
  • To clean a coated tongue.
  • To remove retained food and debris from the mouth.
  • To remove sticky tenacious secretions, crusty plugs on the palate and stringy saliva following cancer therapy treatment.
  • As an aid for oral desensitisation techniques for people with swallow problems, special requirements, and or learning disabilities.

MC3 can be used wet or dry, Day or Night. Remove a Day (White) or Night (Yellow) from the sleeve and rinse in cold water if required. Mouth Cleanser 3 is NOT designed to clean teeth, use a toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Oral Hygiene Pack **


Pack Includes:

  • 2 x Swab Non Woven 7.5cm x 7.5cm 4Ply
  • 10 x Oral Foam Swabs Pink
  • 1 x Yellow Bag
  • 1 x Red Tie for Bag
  • 1 x Tongue Depressor Wooden Adult
  • 1 x 2-Gallipot Tray
  • 1 x Polygon Swab Information Sheet
  • Quantity: 1
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Polygon Mouth Swabs (5)


Polygon swabs are dry, pink foam polygon swabsticks for use in oral hygiene procedures.

  • Sterile: No
  • Latex Free
  • Pack Size: 5
  • Quantity: 1




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Sterlin Transport Swab with Charcoal (50)


Sterilin transport swab is a primary sample collection and transport device for bacteria for in vitro use only.

Sterilin transport swab has a Venturi design that enhances performance by helping to eliminate the incidence of bubbles and breaks in the agar gel. The transport swab contains media for the maintenance of bacterial sample during transport to the laboratory.

The unique packaging system combines nitrogen flushed aluminium inner bag with a laminated film pouch to prevent oxidation and dehydration of the media, ensuring optimum performance. Soft rayon swab tips, inert and non-toxic to micro-organisms and patients.

Each batch of product is tested for performance using a wide range of aerobic and anaerobic pathogens to ensure adequate recoveries.

Each swab has a lot number, expiry date and tamper evident tube that ensure complete traceability and sterility.

The Sterilin transport swab is CE marked as Class IIa in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (for transient invasive use). Certificate of Sterility and Quality Assurance is available on request.



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UHS Green Foam Swabsticks (RML85) 250/pack


An essential tool for many medical procedures, our Foam Swabsticks Universal 250 offer a hygienic solution for cleansing wounds. Each one measures in at around 11 cm in length with a 2.5 cm square foam swab in a green colour for easy identification.

Suitable for use in the dental industry as well as in general First Aid kits for sterile wound cleansing, these foam swabsticks are provided in a large pack size of 250 - the perfect choice for high traffic environments. 




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