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Saline Syringe

BD PosiFlush syringe is a ready-to-use sterile pre-filled flushing device externally sterile that contains sodium chloride (NaCl) 0.9%.


BD PosiFlush XS (Externally Sterile) syringe is filled with Saline and designed for flushing vascular access devices within a sterile field, or where patients are particularly susceptible to infection.


BD PosiFlush XS syringe is equipped with the innovative BD Luer-Lok tip, which ensures a safe, secure connection to the catheter. The syringe barrel is made from a specially formulated proprietary polypropylene resin.


To help prevent rubber-related reactions and events, the syringe stopper is made from a unique latex-free bromobutyl formulation.


The Posiflush XS is designed to be used for the following specialty IV flush procedures:

- Wearing sterile gloves during a procedure.

- Working within a sterile field.

- Treating a patient who is severely immunosuppressed.


  • Syringe Volume: 10ml
  • Fill Volume: 10ml
  • Latex Free
  • Sterile
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