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At HealthCare Direct we provide a wide selection of medical equipment for use in various settings to cater for your requirements. Our range includes Stitch Cutters, Catheter Bag Holders, Skin Staples Removers, and more down below. 

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3M™ Precise Extractor Staple Skin Disposable Remover - Scissor Handle (10)


Pack of 10

The 3M skin staple remover is a single use skin staple remover suitable for use with most brands of skin staples. The scissor-like action of the SR3 provides ergonomic grip for easy staple removal.

RRP £77.00
Price £67.00
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Free Standing Adjustable Transfusion Pole

The free-standing adjustable height transfusion pole is designed to provide a safe support for bags of fluid in any care environment. It has a 'weighted' five star base with swivel antistatic castors which ensures the drip stand is easy to move whilst also remaining stable. The pole is fitted with four metal hooks so that four bags can be supported at a time.
  • Adjustable height pole with four metal hooks
  • Stable, weighted five star base
  • Antistatic swivel castors
  • 125-211cm x Width 56cm
Price £289.00
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Keeler Jazz Otoscope


The Keeler Jazz Otoscope is a fibre optic otoscope with 3 magnifying lenses. The Jazz Otoscope provides brilliant LED illumination and gives the best possible view and longer battery life for a greener product. The Keeler Jazz Otoscope comes with 3 interchangeable colour rings to give colour and distinction.

RRP £190.15
Price £165.00
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Quick Release Tourniquet Blue


The quick release tourniquet is a latex free material tourniquet that is easy to wipe clean and designed to be reusable. The quick release tourniquet features a quick release plastic buckle to make removing the tourniquet quick and easy after use.

  • Colour: Blue
  • Quantity: 1
RRP £9.50
Price £7.50
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Seca 201 Measuring Tape


The seca 201 circumferential measuring tape is always quick to hand and extremely practical to operate and store thanks to the roll-up mechanism. For the measurement, the end of the measuring tape is guided around the body and hooked onto the housing. This allows the measurement result to be read accurately and conveniently. The measuring tape is automatically rolled up at the touch of a button.

  • Retractable measuring tape for precise body measurements
  • Printed scale on side makes results easy-to-read
  • Convenient one-handed operation fasten start of tape to retraction mechanism
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Width 70 mm x Height 22mm x Depth 65mm
  • Measuring range: 0 - 205cm
RRP £8.00
Price £7.85
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Standard Stitch Cutter (100)

RRP £20.00
Price £17.50
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UHS Wire Urine/Catheter Drainage Bag Self Standing Hanger


The catheter bag holder is a plastic coated wire framed construction for easy cleaning. The catheter bag holder is designed with a rectangular frame base, integral carry handle, catheter tube stay / guide and 4 Hooks for holding the catheter bag.

The bag stand is suitable for use with most 2000ml (2 Litre) bags.

RRP £14.50
Price £12.00
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Vygon VENE-K Single Use Tourniquets (100)


The Vygon VENE-K single use tourniquet is designed to be safe, comfortable and simple to use. Unlike reusable tourniquets. which can get contaminated with blood and bacteria, the VENE-K is fully sterile, helping to prevent infection in hospitals and care settings. This disposable tourniquet is also designed to avoid pinching skin, over-tightening and tying in knots when being put onto a patient.

Easy to apply and remove, the VENE-K has a unique quick release button that enables the tourniquet to be removed with one hand. This improves the user's ability to multi-task during the procedure, as well as aiding infection prevention compliance. The VENE-K single use tourniquet is also a bright and vibrant colour for easy identification on a patients skin .

The VENE-K is made of a high quality soft latex-free material that provides maximum comfort. The design of the tourniquet minimises the risk of pinching or over-tightening and VENE-K also has the unique ability to be joined together to make a longer tourniquet for larger patients, while still retaining the quick release feature.

  • Colour: Pink
  • Latex Free
  • Sterile
  • Pack Size: 100
  • Quantity: 1
RRP £80.00
Price £65.00
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