Medical Instruments and Accessories

See below our range of Medical Instruments and Accessories we stock here at Healthcare Direct, including Scissors, Hot and Cold Packs, Tongue Depressors, and more down below. 

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13cm Operating Scissors Sharp/Blunt - (Pack of 5)

  • 3cm Operating Scissors
  • Sharp/Blunt
  • Pack of 5
RRP £11.00
Price £5.50
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Disposable Instant Ice Pack**


The ideal and cost-effective alternative to the conventional ice pack. Provides on-the-spot cold therapy for bruising, sprains and muscle injuries. Reduces blood flow when applied to a particular area, reducing inflammation and numbing pain around injured muscle.

  • Easy to use – no need for precooling.
  • Single use, Disposable.
  • Size: 19 x 13 cm 
RRP £1.05
Price £0.95
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Dressing Forceps (100/pack)


Price per pack / 100 per pack 

  • Disposable Plastic Forceps
  • Blue Griprite x 1
  • Non-Sterile
RRP £10.00
Price £8.35
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Emergency Thermal (Foil) Blanket (204cm x 140cm)


Ideal for retaining body heat in cold conditions and prevent/treat hypothermia.

Can be used to keep injured or shocked patients warm, or after rigorous sports like marathons to prevent body heat from escaping. Can also be used in keeping the body cool by reflecting sunlight. Ideal for all sizes.

  • 204cm x 140cm


RRP £3.20
Price £1.90
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Pen Torches Disposable (6)


Durable pen torches providing an excellent level of concentrated lighting. The handy pen clip switches the torch on when pushed against the barrel. Ideal for everyday medical applications.  The batteries are non-replaceable.

-Pack of 6

RRP £12.00
Price £10.99
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Reusable Hot and Cold Pack - Each **


Provides the benefits of both Hot & Cold treatments. Can be frozen to be used as an ice pack for treatment of muscle injuries or microwaved to be used as a heat pack for relief from muscle aches, back pain, sinusitis and menstrual cramps. Suitable for multiple uses.

- Size: 26 x 13.5cm

RRP £4.00
Price £3.50
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Rocialle Supersnip Dressing Scissors Sharp/Sharp (20)


The Rocialle Supersnip scissors are sharp/sharp.

  • Sterile
  • Latex Free
  • Pack Size: 20
  • Quantity: 1
RRP £12.00
Price £9.50
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Safety Pins (6)

- Pack of 6
RRP £0.40
Price £0.25
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Picture of Stainless Steel 7" Sharp/Blunt Straight Scissors (Pack of 5)

Stainless Steel 7" Sharp/Blunt Straight Scissors (Pack of 5)

RRP £14.00
Price £7.00
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Wooden Tongue Depressors (100)


• Flat smooth wooden tongue depressors with rounded ends

• Good high tensile strength quaility

• Pack of 100

• Latex - free

• Non-Sterile

Price £2.00
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