Bathroom Aids - Clearance

Our Bathroom Aids currently on clearance include Grab Rails, Grab Bars, and more down below. 

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Chrome Grab Rails - DS567ANG

  • One Chrome Plated Grab Rail
  • Simple, stylish and affordable
  • Suitable for use all around the home
  • Increases user confidence around the home
  • Aids independent living
  • Reduces the risks of slips and falls
  • Very easy to fit where required
RRP £23.95
Price £9.00
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Teddi Low-Spill Adaptor


Male Urinal and Non-Leak Valve combination. Offers a non spill and non return function for the male urinal. Preventing leaks and spills and reducing odours. Used within the nursing and care home environments as well as hospitals and surgeries.

  • Secure fitting valve prevents leaks and spills and reduces unpleasant odours and risk of cross infection. 
  • Smooth material surfaces ensure ease of use and ease of cleaning .
  • Ensures one-way only liquid flow when using urinal bottle and does not leak.
  • Modern range of Long Life Nursing and Care products. Designed to be re-used over 1000 times, allowing for frequent cleaning in washer/disinfectors made to BS2745.
  • All products can be steam autoclaved at 134 – 137.c.
  • Manufactured from food-grade polypropylene. Considered to be low risk, non-toxic and non-irritant.
  • Used within the nursing and care home environments as well as hospitals and surgeries.
RRP £11.25
Price £6.26
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Picture of 18" Straight Plastic Grab Rail - RED

18" Straight Plastic Grab Rail - RED


Colour can be used to highlight important objects and orientation points, for example, a red grab rail on a white wall is more easily visible than a white rail.

  • Red colour can help those living with dementia find and use the rails more easily - helping to prevent falls and increasing independence for the user.
  • Highly visible, high contrast colour helps make important thing stand out, and enables the user to recognise and understand the environment, boosting both confidence and independence.
  • High quality, tough all plastic grab rails designed for elderly and disabled people
  • Grab rails have a ribbed and textured finish for extra grip.
  • Non-slip even when wet and are always warm to the touch.
  • The oval cross-section ergonomically matches the human grip.
  • The rails can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be fitted singly or in a combination of vertical or horizontal rails where appropriate for steadying or transfer
  • If the rail is mounted vertically it will assist in pulling up to standing, or if mounted horizontally it will assist in pushing up, and for general mobility.
RRP £26.00
Price £13.00
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