Shower & Bath Accessories

At Healthcare direct we supply a range of Shower & Bath Accessories to make showering and bathing easier for low mobility residents. The range includes Inflatable Hair Wash Basin, Bath Pillow, Bath Platforms, Lotion Applicator, Hair Wash Tray, Flannel Strap and Bath Sponges.

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Carell Shampoo Cap


24 per outer case

Our revolutionary cap is designed to be used on dry hair when traditional bathing is not an option. By massaging the cap contents into the scalp it removes oil, grease and dirt leaving your hair feeling clean, soft and healthy.

Can be used un-warmed or heated. To heat pack, store in a warmer before use or microwave for 15 seconds. Microwave times may vary depending on power. Test temperature after heating and before use. Do not reheat.

RRP £3.10
Price £2.80
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Inflatable Hair Wash Basin


The sturdy, inflatable basin is designed to offer portable bathing and hair washing. It is particularly suited for those with limited mobility and allows assisted hair washing in a bed. Latex-free, vinyl construction.

The sturdy, inflatable basin from Aidapt is designed to offer portable bathing and hair washing. It is particularly suited for those with limited mobility and allows assisted hair washing in a bed, but is also ideal for all the family to use when camping. Featuring two inflatable chambers, one with a recess to allow users to comfortably rest their neck against the basin for washing and rinsing hair. The portable, inflatable basin also boasts an attached 1 metre long drainage pipe and cleverly-designed drainage hole with attached plug. Latex-free, vinyl construction.


Portable, inflatable basin for washing hair

Ideal for assisted hair washing in bed

No-mess drainage hole with plug and attached 1 metre long pipe

Neck recess for comfort

Can also be used for camping and caravanning

Latex-free, vinyl construction

RRP £35.50
Price £25.00
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Luxura Shampoo Cap (Pack of 5)


Luxura Shampoo Cap - Conditioning & No Rinse - Pack of 5

Our Shampoo Cap offers a convenient alternative to washing your hair in the shower or bath. Open the cap and place it over your hair. Massage your head and scalp for 3 minutes, or until your hair is completely saturated. For longer hair, remove the cap and carefully work through the ends of the hair. A towel can be used to dry your hair if required. When finished, please dispose of the cap and packaging responsibility.

RRP £12.50
Price £9.75
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Non-slip Bath Mat-White (75 x 35 cm)


Rubber bath mat is designed to help you avoid slipping in the bath. The bath mat has rubber suckers that provides maximum grip to give the user extra protection.

  • Dimension: 34cm x 74cm


RRP £10.55
Price £10.50
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Portable Bath Step


Modular step that makes stepping in and out of bath easy and safe

Single step used on its own gives raise of 10cm (4”)

Multiple steps (sold separately) can be stacked on top of each other to give height increments of 5cm (2”) to suit different user/bath requirements

Built-in, attractive, padded surface is comfortable and slip-resistant for safety

Four circular plugs on upper surface of step are easily removed to allow another step to be inserted into them for secure locking when stacked

Non-slip feet provide stability on different flooring

All surfaces are easy to wipe clean

RRP £40.70
Price £32.00
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Sure Tread Shower Mat (55.5cm x 55.5cm)


The Sure Tread Mats are a high quality non-slip shower mat which has a ridged non slip surface. It reduces the risk of slips & falls, allowing the user to get in and out and move around in the bath/ shower with confidence.

RRP £25.00
Price £21.00
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