Inflatable Hair Wash Basin

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Inflatable Hair Wash Basin
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The sturdy, inflatable basin is designed to offer portable bathing and hair washing. It is particularly suited for those with limited mobility and allows assisted hair washing in a bed. Latex-free, vinyl construction.

The sturdy, inflatable basin from Aidapt is designed to offer portable bathing and hair washing. It is particularly suited for those with limited mobility and allows assisted hair washing in a bed, but is also ideal for all the family to use when camping. Featuring two inflatable chambers, one with a recess to allow users to comfortably rest their neck against the basin for washing and rinsing hair. The portable, inflatable basin also boasts an attached 1 metre long drainage pipe and cleverly-designed drainage hole with attached plug. Latex-free, vinyl construction.


Portable, inflatable basin for washing hair

Ideal for assisted hair washing in bed

No-mess drainage hole with plug and attached 1 metre long pipe

Neck recess for comfort

Can also be used for camping and caravanning

Latex-free, vinyl construction

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