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UHS Bubble Tubing

This is a non-stock line and subject to a 14 – 21 day lead time 


This non-conductive PVC bubble tubing which can be easily cut to create a tapered end to fit a suction catheter or suction tip.


  • Packaged in a convenient dispensing case
  • The tubing bubbles every metre, making cutting with scissors easy

• Size: 5mm x 50m

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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
UN730 Bubble Tubing Clear - 5mm x 50m (50) £18.65 £13.30
UN740 Bubble Tubing Clear non-conductive 5mm x 30 metre (30) £10.00 £7.25
UN750 Bubble Tubing Clear non-conductive PVC 6mm x 50 metre (30) £16.80 £13.60
UN755 Bubble Tubing Clear conductive 6mm x 50 metre (50) £21.00 £15.00
UN760 UHS Clear Suction Bubble Tubing 7mm x 30m £11.00 £9.00
UN765 Bubble Tubing Clear onductive PVC 7mm x 30 metre (30) £13.00 £9.90
UN880 Universal Oxygen Bubble Tubing 3mm X 30m £5.20 £4.50