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Anti-Slip Mats/Coasters

  • Our range of Anti-Slip Mats & Coasters provide a firm and secure grip and hold for objects such as plates, cups, cutlery, bowls and cutting boards.
  • Mats can also be used on tables, trays and counter tops or any other smooth surfaces.
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RTL-TC/14-1 Anti-Slip Coaster RED (14cm) £16.00 £14.00
RTL-TC/14-2 Anti-Slip Coaster BLUE (14cm) £16.00 £14.00
RTL-TC/19-1 Anti-Slip Coaster RED (19cm) £17.00 £15.00
RTL-TC/19-2 Anti-Slip Coaster BLUE (19cm) £17.00 £15.00
RTL-TC/9-1 Anti-Slip 9cm x 9cm Coaster RED (Pack of 4) £16.00 £14.00
RTL-TC/9-2 Anti-Slip 9cm x 9cm Coaster BLUE (Pack of 4) £16.00 £14.00
RTL-TC/MAT-25-1 Anti-Slip Table Mat RED (25cm x 18cm) £21.00 £17.00
RTL-TC/MAT-25-2 Anti-Slip Table Mat BLUE (25cm x 18cm) £21.00 £17.00