Bathroom Cleaners

We supply limescale removers and a bactercidal washroom cleaner to keep your bathrooms clean.

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GREYLAND Limescale Remover RTU (6 x 750ml)


Items delivered with 6 standard caps on the bottles and 2 trigger heads in the box. 

Case of 6 x 750ml. Ready to Use Limescale Remover for use on a variety of washroom surfaces including washbasins, sinks, tiles, cabinets, counter surfaces and tables

Safety Data Sheet

RRP £33.05
Price £26.00
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GREYLAND Triple S Toilet Cleaner (10 x 1 Litre)


10 x 1 litre 

Cleans & descales toilets & other ceramic surfaces. Safe for use on stainless steel. Triple S (1L) utilises a directional nozzle to help you clean right under the rim of the toilet bowl, and a safety cap. 

The Triple S containers are manufactured from 40% UK Post Consumer Recyled (PCR) polymer, and each case is made using 100% recycled cardboard.

RRP £31.50
Price £29.00
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Viakal Limescale Remover Spray (10 x 750ml)


Case of 10 x 750ml

Viakal limescale spray quickly eliminates limescale and hard water marks along with the dirt and bacteria trapped inside of them.

Can be used on chrome, ceramics, tiles, and shower doors removing limescale and leaving behind a sparkling shine.

The formula of this limescale spray helps prevent limescale from reappearing on your surfaces, and features an anti droplet technology which helps prevent water marks from reappearing, both of which result in long lasting results.

Free from chlorine, bleach and ammonia.

RRP £75.00
Price £60.00
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