Tena Healthcare

Trusted by millions, TENA pads help people stay secure, dry and odour free. They are the global leader, offering products that help manage urinary incontinence, leakage and bladder weakness, day and night. For over 60 years they've been creating discreet women's pads, underwear and pull up pants for men and other effective solutions for this surprisingly common problem.

Tena products are dermatologically tested, contain Odour Neutraliser to reduce the effect of odour, wetness indicators alert you to when the nappy needs changing whilst the ConfioAir allows the users skin to breath. 

TENA’s range of disposable incontinence pants are soft and comfortable for both men and women, great for day and night. Designed to be worn like regular, stretchy underwear for an active everyday life. 

Take a look at our range below which includes Pull up Pants, Adult Diapers, Shaped Pads and a Bariatric Brief