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Browse our collection of Bin Liners here today. Our range includes a wide variety of products including White Pedal Bin Liners, Yellow Waste Bags, and more down below. 

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Blue Refuse Sacks 457 x 724 x 965mm (200/case)


Price per case / 200 sacks per case

Refuse sack suitable for lightweight waste. Ideal for use in all settings. Sack dimensions: 457mm x 724mm x 965mm.

  • For Light Waste
  • Convenient
  • Easy Disposal
  • Multi-Setting Use
  • Value for Money
RRP £17.00
Price £15.50
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Clear Refuse Sacks 457 x 724 x 965mm (200/case), 20 microns


Price per case / 200 sacks per case

These clear bin liners are environment friendly, being made from recycled low density polythene film, yet very strong and durable.

The waste sacks are ideal for clearing general warehouse, office, retail, domestic and garden rubbish. These clear rubbish sacks are also great for industrial and commercial uses

  • 20 microns
  • Size: 457 x 724 x 965mm
  • 200 sacks per case
RRP £14.00
Price £11.75
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Clinical Waste Tiger Stripe Sacks 80L 380mm x 740mm x 915mm (25)


Price per case / 25 sacks per case

This tiger stripe clinical waste sack has a capacity of 80l and can hold up to 15kg. 

  • Capacity: 80l/15kg
  • Size: 380x740x915 mm
  • Pack: 25
RRP £5.90
Price £4.50
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Clinical Yellow Waste Bags (200/case)


Price per case / 200 bags per case

Yellow Clinical Waste Bag 15 x 28 x 39 inches (200g) (1X200)

  • Manufactured to high specification.
  • Printed to cover current duty of care regulations.
RRP £31.40
Price £18.00
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Heavy Duty Black Refuse Sacks 15kg - 18" x 29" x 38" (200)


Price per case / 200 bags per case

Heavy Duty Black Refuse Sacks. Suitable for heavy-weight waste up to 15kg. 18” x 29” x 38” (457 x 737 x 965mm)

  • Heavy Duty 
  • 200 bags per case 
  • 18" x 29" x 38"
RRP £28.50
Price £19.50
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Light Weight Black Refuse Sacks (200/case) - 450x720x925mm (X012)


Price per case / 200 bags per case

Lightweight Black Refuse Sacks. 450 x 720 x 925mm

  • Lightweight
  • 200 bags per case 
  • 450 x 720 x 925mm
RRP £16.25
Price £11.50
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Numatic Paper Henry Vacuum Bags (pack of 10)


Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

Numatic Vacuums-
Fits All: Basil, Bertie, David, Henry, ​Hetty, Jack, James, Harry, Lewis & NUVAC Models

RRP £7.50
Price £5.50
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Pedal Bin Liner Heavy Duty 10 Micron (1000)


Price per case / 1000 liners per case

  • Dimension: 279mm x 425mm x 425mm
  • Heavy Duty
  • 10 Micron
  • Colour: White
  • Latex Free
  • Non-Sterile
  • Pack size: 100
  • Case size 10
RRP £22.00
Price £16.50
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SWING Bin Liners Heavy Duty 10 Micron (500/case)


Price per case / 500 liners per case 

Our special Heavy Duty Swing Bin Liners use their one-size-fits-all capacity for exceptional versatility, and they’re particularly good for applications where heavier loads of waste require a tougher liner – one that’s less prone to tearing and stretching.

These liners suit a wide variety of different swing bins found in settings like hospitals, factories and the hospitality sectors, where it’s crucial to keep bins clean. Using these liners reduces the risk of germs and dirt spreading, and it also helps save time – and therefore money – when it comes to keeping bins and their interiors spotlessly clean.

  • A convenient and hygienic way of dealing with waste
  • Heavier gauge means a tougher and more dependable liner
  • Generous sizing fits most swing-top bins
  • White colour helps keep the contents discreet
  • An effective barrier between waste products and their containers
  • Poly-packed for easy dispensing
  • Reduce odours and minimise the need for cleaning bin interiors
RRP £25.60
Price £14.15
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White PEDAL Bin Liners FLAT PACK (1000/case) -- 280 X 425 X 425mm [PED1]


Price per case / 1000 bin liners per case

Standard pedal bin liners to fit a 10 litre pedal bin, ideal for small areas with low usage wastage.

  • 280 X 425 X 425mm standard pedal bin liner size, fit 10 litre pedal bins.
  • White liner can easily be seen and conceals view of waste.
  • Supplied in a flat packed, easy to store box of 1000.
RRP £8.50
Price £6.95
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White SWING Bin Liners FLAT PACK (1000/case) -- 330 x 550 x 770mm [SW11]


Price per case / 1000 bin liners per case

  • White duty swing bin liners
  • Flat Pack
  • 330 x 584 x 762mm
RRP £15.75
Price £12.50
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Yojra 10L Biodegradable Compost Caddy Liners (200 Bags)


Our 100% biodegradable bags are made from corn starches and PBAT, with the certification of US standard ASTM D6400 BPI and European standard EN 13432. Advanced biotechnology makes our bags much tougher, stronger and durable.

Please store these bags in a cool, dark, dry place such as a kitchen drawer and keep them out of sunlight and away from sources of heat or steam. Use all bags within 18 months of purchase, otherwise they will start to degrade over time.

  • 200 Compostable bags for long-term supply.
  • 10 Litres - 43 cm x 46 cm x 18 cm.
RRP £25.00
Price £19.25
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