Digital Shower Head Thermometer

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Digital Shower Head Thermometer
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The waterproof digital shower head water thermometer is a bath/shower attachment that is designed to accurately display the temperature of the water.

Designed to display a clear indication if the water is warm or too hot or too cold, waterproof digital shower head water thermometer eliminates the dangers of scalding as the thermometer incorporates temperature LED alert function that warns the user when the temperature exceeds a pre-set temperature.

  • Temperature range: 0 - 69°C


  • Accuracy: ±1°C at 25 - 50°C


  • Respond Time: 2 - 4 sec


  • Transverse pull: 2 kgs


  • Hydraulic pressure: 0.8Mpa


  • Power Supply: 2 x LR44 Battery


  • Weight (with battery): 36g

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