Air-Layer Cushion (43cm x 43cm x 10cm)

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Air-Layer Cushion (43cm x 43cm x 10cm)

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The Air-Layer cushion features a block of visco-elastic foam that conforms to the buttocks, redistributing pressure and an 'air layer' to reduce heat transfer.

  • The cover is PU multi-stretch, water resistant and vapour permeable with welded seams, a 270° zip with protective flap


  • Top cover has a white inner substrate to assist in identifying signs of cover damage and strike-through

2 Years
165kg (26st)
At High Risk
PU Multi-stretch, Water Resistant, Vapour Permeable

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CUSH-AIRLAYER-43-43-5 £62.09 £55.00
Air-Layer Cushion (43cm x 43cm x 5cm) Item eligible for vat exemption
CUSH-AIRLAYER-43-43-7.5 £74.51 £60.00
Air-Layer Cushion (43cm x 43cm x 7.5cm) Item eligible for vat exemption
Item eligible for VAT exemption.
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