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Carry 185 Classic Manual Spreading Legs Hoist


The Carry 185 Classic electric leg-spreading hoist by SLK is an ideal solution for care homes and home care, with its high-spec German build quality and great value. Offering ultimate patient comfort with its gentle 'soft-start, soft-stop lifting mechanism, this unit is also fully foldable without the need for tools should space be an issue.

  • Electric leg-spreading hoist
  • Soft-start/soft-stop
  • Gentle pick up and lowering of the patient
  • CPR Function (as standard)
  • Battery indicator light on handset
  • Comfort-control with display and readout function
  • Raising & lowering via control box possible
  • Lifting from the floor possible High battery power
  • Highly manoeuvrable in small areas
  • Hook mount with spring safety device
  • 360-degree rotation of the spreader bar in highest possible position
  • Minimises moving & handling risk to the caregiver
  • Foldable without tools/ transportable
  • Very quiet operation
  • Standard mast and chassis are removable without tools
RRP £1,095.00
Price £765.00
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Domus Auto Mattress System


For High Risk. Auto-adjusting pressure redistribution system — implementing early pressure injury prevention for long-term care patients

60% of aging, long-term care residents develop pressure injuries. The aging epidemic, longer life expectancy, and extensive need for assistive care raise pressure injury risk and burden for individuals and institutions.

Many residents experience pressure-related discomfort, but undertrained and overworked staff tend to overlook their concerns, increasing complications, mortality risks, and nursing time and labor costs.

Domus Auto’s automatic firmness calibration and manual refinement optimize early pressure injury prevention. Sacrum pressure relief allows individuals with different postures to sit longer and more comfortably.

Auto-adjust firmness, alternating surface 

  • Suitable for improving pressure injuries in long-term care and homecare residents. 
  • Automatic firmness adjustment based on residents' weight distribution for quick setup and pressure relief delivery. 
  • Firmer air cells at the sacrum prevent patients from bottoming out when sitting. 
  • Visual and audible alarm enhances patient safety and security. 
RRP £995.00
Price £895.00
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30° Turning mattress
Picture of Optima Turn Mattress System 90cm

Optima Turn Mattress System 90cm


For High to Very High Risk

Automated Lateral Rotational Pressure Relief Solution — Improving repositioning feasibility and patient comfort.

Optima Turn optimizes caregivers' workflow and safety during repositioning regimes by automating 30° turn with different turning cycle options, reducing nursing injuries and bottlenecks. Its side bolsters protect patients from pressing on the bed rails, ensuring safety and comfort during turning.

Automate 30° Lateral Turning

Click-to-activate turning angle, direction, and therapy timer minimize labor requirements for patient repositioning, protect the caregiver from potential injuries, and allow more time and energy to adjust the patient for maximum comfort.

Side Bolsters Ensure Patient Safety

Firm side bolsters, made from TPU air cells, run along the left and right sides of the mattress, preventing patients from being compressed against the bed rails and reducing claustrophobia during turning, ensuring patient safety and comfort. 

Personalize Heel Relief Care

Accommodate pressure relief care for different body types by deflating individual air cells at the heels to maintain zero-pressure heel relief, minimizing the patient's risk of developing pressure injuries and prolonging the length of treatment.

Manage & Protect Bony Areas 

Mechanically assisted turning simplifies caregivers’ effort of inserting repositioning pillows between bony structures (between knees, under elbows) to provide postural support and comfort and prevent joints from pressing against each other. 

RRP £2,995.00
Price £1,950.00
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