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Bendable Cutlery - Red


  • Dishwasher proof bendable spoon, teaspoon & fork with built in cuship grip handle
  • Utensils can be bent to either the right or left to the position that is most
    comfortable for the user
  • Red colour is clinically proven to help dementia and alzheimers sufferers at meal times
  • Ideal for those with limited arm & hand movement
  • Cutlery also sold individually
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DS780-R Bendable Cutlery Set of 4 (Teaspoon, Spoon, Knife, Fork) - RED £35.00 £17.50
DS781-R Bendable Teaspoon - Soft Cushion Grip each (Red) £5.60 £4.85
DS782-R Bendable Spoon - Soft Cushion Grip each (Red) £5.60 £4.85
DS783-R Bendable Fork - Soft Cushion Grip each (Red) £5.60 £4.85
DS784-R Rocker Knife - Soft Cushion Grip each (Red) £7.30 £6.55