Blue Sonoma Bed Pad with Tuck-in Flaps - Single (85cm x 90cm)

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Blue Sonoma Bed Pad with Tuck-in Flaps - Single (85cm x 90cm)

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The Sonoma Bed Pad is extremely durable, very thin, and super absorbent. The pad has an extremely compact soaker layer which absorbs large amounts of liquid quickly (3 litres), while staying thin to make it more comfortable for everyday use.

The protector is supplied with tuck in flaps to go underneath the mattress to hold the pad in place without drawsheets.The pad can be washed up to 300 times at 95 degrees and can be tumble dried on a medium heat.

  • Hardwearing and waterproof stay dry bed protection
  • Velvety-soft top layer for maximum patient comfort
  • Specially constructed quick drying surface to protect skin
  • High absorbency – up to 3 litres of liquid
  • 100% impermeable barrier – protects bed linen and mattresses
  • Size - 85cm x 90cm (Single) 
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Sonoma Pink Bed Pad Without Tucks (85 x 90 cm) Item eligible for vat exemption
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Blue Sonoma Bed Pad - Single (85cm x 90cm) Item eligible for vat exemption
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Sonoma Pink Bed Pad With Tucks (85 x 90 cm) Item eligible for vat exemption
BP0510 £17.50 £12.00
Sonoma Pink Bed Pad Extra Large Without Tucks (85 x 115 cm) Item eligible for vat exemption
9100 £15.00 £8.00
Fusion® Washable Bed Pad without Tucks - 90cm x 90cm
Item eligible for VAT exemption.
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