DEB Cutan Foaming Soap (6 X 1L)

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DEB Cutan Foaming Soap (6 X 1L)
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The Cutan foaming soap is a mild soap that is formulated with comprehensive combination of conditioning agents that are employed to ensure that skin is gently cleansed and conditioned every time.

Key additives include aloe vera, glycerin, jojoba and panthenol.

Cutan foaming soap rinses freely from the skin, speeding up hand washing and reducing the possibility of soap residues on the skin. The Cutan foaming soap is widely accepted by users, which means that hand washing is more likely to be conducted, improving hand washing rates.

Patented Deb pump technology delivers pre-foamed soap directly onto hands making hand washing faster.

The Deb cutan foaming soap comes in a 1 litre cartridge and is designed for use with the cutan hand wash dispenser (PROB01HW).

  • Fragrance: Perfume
  • Colour: Turquoise
  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Quantity: 6